How we help

Our Process

Our strategic process supports customization and focuses on your distinct needs and objectives. From asset allocation and retirement planning, to business growth and cash management, we work with you to create solutions that help you enhance your portfolio and achieve your financial goals.

Our process addresses key wealth management concerns and issues to help ensure that the solutions we develop for you, your family and your business are both holistic and designed to help mitigate risk while helping you achieve your goals. Our team works with you to review and tackle the following areas:

Business Transaction/Succession Planning

IRA/Qualified Plan Investments & Distribution

Charitable Gifting


Estate Plan

Power of Attorney/Trustees

Gifting to Heirs

Stock Options


Titling of Assets


Wealth Transfer

Fortress Wealth Planning Process


At Fortress Wealth Planning, we take the time to discuss, assess and explore your values, key relationships, total assets, and short- and long-term needs. Together, we review your financial position and plan accordingly. We help you plan for and protect what matters most to you, including the lifestyle you enjoy, your passions, your concerns, and your goals for the future.


Because your life isn’t static, we provide ongoing guidance and monitoring, in addition to regularly reviewing your plan with you. We also adjust your personal plan accordingly, updating goals and strategies when needed, and reallocate your assets when necessary based on changes in your life.

Fortress Wealth Planning Process Graphic


Based on the information gathered throughout the discovery process, as well as a full balance sheet and income/cash flow assessment and analysis, we develop holistic financial plans, portfolios and asset allocation solutions designed to position you for success. Based on this analysis, we recommend strategies for:

• Cash Flow
• Retirement Planning
• Concentrated Stock
• Education Planning
• Estate Planning and Trusts
• Insurance Coverage
• Charitable Giving
• Business Exit Planning
• Liability Management
• Long-Term Care


We provide recommendations and a structured road map to help guide your financial success.
The customized financial strategy that we create for you defines: roles and responsibilities, investment goals and objectives, investment guidelines, portfolio review and evaluation guidelines, and communication guidelines. Additionally, we offer advice on issues we have identified, such as family-dynamics, estate planning, lending and tax planning strategies.

Services We Offer

Fortress Wealth Planning offers you a robust suite of consultation, wealth management, investment and financial planning services. As part of our commitment to personal service, we cultivate deep, personal client relationships founded in trust and understanding.


Individuals & Families

We work with you and your family to carefully evaluate your most important goals and issues, understand your risk tolerance and create a wealth management strategy that preserves your current lifestyles while simultaneously advancing your long-term goals. From portfolio management and charitable giving strategies, to educating the next generation and preparing for retirement, our ultimate goal is to provide you and your family with the confidence that you have a strong foundation for tomorrow and a team of dedicated professionals to assist you with your current needs. Our services include:

Financial Planning
We develop custom, goals-based financial planning strategies that focus on retirement, philanthropic and wealth transfer planning, as well as insurance needs.
Banking and Cash Management
Our services include portfolio checking, investment and business banking services, as well as comprehensive statements that give you a single view into multiple accounts.
Client Support Team
Our team is devoted to assisting you by phone with a variety of wealth management needs.
High-Quality Investment Management and Advice
We leverage our sophisticated research capabilities and ability to offer investments from a variety of sources to identify areas of investment opportunity, provide ongoing monitoring of investments, and reallocate assets as needed.
Personalized Credit Solutions
Our offering includes customized credit solutions.
Philanthropic Strategies
Our team helps you establish private foundations, charitable funds and trusts, as well as plans to maximize your giving.
Portfolio Construction & Management
We build and manage a diversified, portfolio focused on minimizing risk while maximizing yield in a tax efficient manner.
Portfolio Reporting & Analysis
We create both high-level and detailed client portfolio and investment performance reports.
Risk Management
Our team provides ongoing portfolio and investment monitoring to discern, assess and help mitigate risk.
Tax Planning
From estate planning to charitable giving, our team focuses on creating tax-efficient investment and wealth management strategies.
Family Office Services
We cater to prosperous families’ distinctive needs with services marked by a “white-glove” experience and an emphasis on investor education and confidentiality.

Business Owners & Corporations

Our team helps business owners and entrepreneurs protect and grow their legacies. From business valuation and portfolio management, to succession planning and business transaction planning, we help you take control of your business’s future. Our services include:

Cash Management
We assist you with wire transfers, issuing checks, setting up direct debits, and supporting liquidity needs.
Customized Lending Solutions
Our offering includes personalized lending solutions.
Portfolio Development
We build and manage diversified, tax-efficient portfolios that align with your corporation’s objectives and requirements in tax efficient manner.
Discretionary Portfolio Management
Our team oversees the day-to-day management and executional needs of investments and accounts, enabling you more time to focus on your business.
Investment Consulting
We work with you to discern areas of investment opportunity, providing comprehensive management and ongoing monitoring of your investments.
Liquidity Event Prep
We help you assess viable event options, such as private sales, as well as coordinate business valuation to help attain your desired liquidity goals.
Solutions for Executives
We support the wealth management needs of C-level executives, including restricted stock, offshore trusts, cash management, and currency hedging.


We help you plan for the next phase of your life so you have more time to focus on enjoying your wealth and pursuing your passions. We work with you to develop plans and strategies that align with your financial objectives and help preserve your lifestyle. Our services include:

Estate & Tax Planning

We help you create estate transfer strategies with an emphasis on tax efficiency.

Financial Planning

We develop custom, goals-based financial planning strategies that focus on retirement, philanthropic and wealth transfer planning, as well as insurance needs.

Income Planning

Our team works with you to assess your income needs and develop comprehensive plans with an emphasis on sustainability and your long-term goals.

Insurance Planning

We help you discern and meet your insurance needs, including disability, whole life, annuities, long-term care, estate, excess liability, property and casualty.

Retirement Planning

We design retirement strategies with an emphasis on income distribution needs, long-term goals, tax management and charitable giving.

Wealth Transfer & Trust Services

We work with clients and their families to create wealth transfer strategies designed to preserve family values and educate the next generation on financial and investment best practices.