Women Helping Women

Eileen's Story

I have spent my career in the financial service industry primarily working with clients to design and help to implement financial and estate plans for themselves and their families. Over time, the conversations evolved from predominantly investment discussions to broader, more meaningful discussions about family dynamics, feelings about investment risk, and how these factors build the foundation for truly thoughtful financial planning.


Who We Serve

Widow in Need of a New Financial Advisor

Winona tried to work with her late husband’s stockbroker, but she struggles to truly trust him. She does not have the appropriate background to evaluate his recommendations, and feels uncomfortable knowing that once she gives her approval on a trade, the responsibility falls on her. She wants a trusting relationship with an advisor who retains these responsibilities and acts solely with her interests in mind. She also wants to learn more about how other women in a similar position have handled these new financial responsibilities.

Trustee with Fiduciary Responsibility

Fran was named the successor trustee of her family trust. Several family members and loved ones are also beneficiaries of the trust, and Fran worries that this new responsibility will negatively alter or damage these relationships. She’s confident in the faith that was placed in her to oversee the family trust, but she recognizes that she needs the specialized knowledge, skill, experience and judgment of a financial professional.

Successful, Industrious Entrepreneur

Sienna followed her dream of launching her own fashion line. She’s worked hard to establish her brand, and is now enjoying significant business growth. Her focus is sustaining and enhancing her business’s success, and she spends a large amount of her time traveling and promoting her line. She does not want to neglect her finances, and she realizes that it’s time to add another member to her team of trusted advisors to help her manage her financial life beyond her business.

We offer a comprehensive, boutique Wealth Management Experience